So you have braces and, as a result, you feel sort of upset about having to go through Halloween with brackets and wires in place. We understand that this creates some level of limitation. However, our Temecula, CA team wants you to remember that while you may not be sinking your smile into a caramel apple this year, you can still have an absolutely fabulous time and even enjoy some yummy treats! Whether you are the wearer or you have a child undergoing smile alignment, take our tips to heart, so you keep your smile safe and enjoy yourself, while you’re at it!

Dress Up! Just Skip The Fake Teeth.

Remember that if you’re dressing up this year, as long as you keep your teeth and braces out of the mix, your orthodontic treatment isn’t going to hinder you. The only limitation is avoiding anything that might cause damage, such as false teeth, vampire teeth, or anything else that receives support from your smile. Costumes, masks, makeup, sunglasses, and more are welcome!

Enjoy Your Candy! Just Remain Selective.

Worried that you are going to have to fully forego the candy this year because of your braces? Think again! Instead, you’ll just have to make somewhat more selective choices to ensure you’re not eating something that can cause quick damage to your brackets and wires. This is pretty intuitive, so it’s easy (but not very limiting!). Avoid hard, crunchy, super chewy, sticky stuff. If it is soft, breaks apart easily, dissolves, etc., then you’re good to go (Hint: We remind you that milk chocolate is a good example of something that you can carefully eat without worry).

Make Your Own Soft Treats Instead

Fresh baked, soft chocolate chip cookies? Sugar cookies? An ice cream sundae because hey, why not, it’s not cold outside? Sounds good. Remember that you can enjoy a sweet treat this year without feeling the need to dig into candy, as you select something soft and easy to chew in celebration of Halloween. Make things festive, while keeping your braces safe, by adding orange food coloring, frosting, or sprinkles into the mix and you’re good to go!

Protect Your Braces This Halloween

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