Every time you brush and floss your teeth, you should come away from the session with confidence that your teeth are clean and healthy. It is important to practice good habits each day, as these cleaning sessions help you protect yourself against food debris and oral bacteria, which can steadily accumulate through each day. Unfortunately, while daily preventive care is important for fighting plaque, and preventing tartar, there is not an approach to at-home care that can help you remove tartar once the substance has formed. For the removal of tartar deposits, you need to schedule routine dental cleanings. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can provide a thorough cleaning to remove tartar from your teeth in addition to providing an important oral health evaluation.

You Should Be Concerned About The Effect Tartar Can Have On Your Smile

Tartar accumulation is a problem, one that can make you more vulnerable to problems that can require restorative dental work. Tartar formation is the result of plaque buildup that was not cleared away in time. Eventually, a deposit of plaque will harden on your enamel, leaving you with a permanent buildup of harmful materials. People who have accumulated tartar on their teeth can be more susceptible to cavities, and they can be more likely to experience gum disease if tartar deposits sit at the base of their teeth.

Addressing Tartar And Plaque Buildup During A Dental Cleaning

During a routine dental cleaning, your hygienist removes all plaque and tartar deposits, as well as any built-up food debris that might be found on your smile. A typical cleaning only takes care of the portions of your teeth above your gum line. At this time, every plaque and tartar deposit that is identified can be removed. In addition to providing help with tartar, this is a great opportunity to receive attention in areas that are difficult to reach on your own.

Additional Benefits To Routine Dental Exams

At every routine dental exam, your dentist is able to watch closely for any cavities that might have developed. If tooth decay is present, we can recommend treatment in the form of a dental filling. When fillings are placed, we can minimize changes to your tooth structure and appearance. This is because the filling only occupies the space where a cavity was present, and it is able to match the color of your surrounding enamel. Individuals who go without regular checkups might not realize they have a cavity in need of treatment until it requires a dental crown!

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