Your toothache can interfere with your meals, make it hard to concentrate, and generally leave you in an unpleasant mood. While you can appreciate relief from this problem, you may be worried that in order to address the problem your dentist will have to extract the tooth. In cases where an infection is causing dental problems, your Riverside, CA dentist may be able to provide endodontic care to target the issue. By removing infected tissues and restoring your tooth with a dental crown, we may be able to provide relief without planning an extraction.

A Painful Tooth Infection Can Be Concerning

When a tooth becomes infected because of decay, or after an injury, the symptoms can certainly be worrying! You can have trouble biting and chewing food because the tooth has grown sore or sensitive. If the pain is continuous, it may be hard to go about your day because of its interference. You should know that if you act quickly and see your dentist about the matter, there may be time to save it through a root canal treatment. However, if you keep putting off care, there is a greater chance that the tooth could be lost!

Arranging Endodontic Treatment For Your Problem Tooth

Through a root canal procedure, your dentist is able to remove an infection that has formed in your pulp. After removing decayed tissues and sealing this inner chamber of your tooth, you can be free of the problem that has made you so uncomfortable. After this work is performed, we can restore the tooth with a dental crown. A crown provides important defense for a vulnerable tooth, and it can provide necessary support for biting and chewing.

A Tooth That Cannot Be Saved Can Still Be Replaced

If an infection is not treated in time, there may be no treatment option left beyond an extraction. If this does occur, you should know that we can provide you with a lifelike prosthetic. Implant dentistry has made it possible to permanently secure a restoration that provides a good visual match for the tooth being replaced. In addition to preserving your smile, the restoration is stable enough for you to use it when biting and chewing food.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Treating Your Infected Tooth

At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, patients who are worried about a possible tooth infection can come to us for important restorative dental services. In addition to helping patients save vulnerable teeth, we can offer dependable preventive care to help them avoid future troubles! To make an appointment with us, or to reach one of our other locations nearest to you, we can be reached at the following:

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