If your oral care routine is effective, you can look forward to positive feedback from your dentist at your next checkup. However, if you are not doing enough to prevent tartar formation, cavities, or gum disease, you may learn that your smile requires restorative dental work to bring it back to good health. It is important to be both thorough and consistent if you want to maintain good oral hygiene, as bacteria are a persistent threat for your teeth and gums. Your Moreno Valley, CA dentist is prepared to help you identify aspects of oral health care that could be improved, just as we are ready to help if you develop a dental problem before your next appointment.

You May Be More Vulnerable To Tooth Decay Than You Realize

How much protection do you have against cavities? Some individuals can actually have a harder time than others protecting their teeth, as they may be affected by an unhealthy diet, weaker enamel, problems with dry mouth, and poor brushing and flossing habits. You may feel that your teeth are in good shape, and effectively protected, because you have no active symptoms worrying you. It is important to remember that when a cavity first forms, it can start to spread and destroy your enamel before you start to experience painful symptoms. By the time you realize something is wrong, it may already require a root canal procedure and a dental crown.

Be Careful Not To Make These Common Mistakes When Brushing And Flossing

Take your time when you brush in order to reach areas that you might overlook. A minimum of two minutes per brushing session is recommended so that you make sure you clean every area of every tooth. When brushing and flossing, it is important to pay attention to the spaces where your teeth and gums meet. If the bases of teeth are not being cleaned, bacteria can accumulate and cause gingivitis, which can later turn into a more severe form of gum disease.

Other Factors That Can Affect Your Oral Health

It is hard to effectively fight dental problems if your diet continues to provide ample amounts of sugar to the bacteria on your teeth. Harmful microbes that feed on sugars release acids during their digestion process, which can lead to the erosion of your enamel. In addition to making smart diet choices, make sure that you drink enough water, as dehydration can lead to dry mouth, which negatively affects your body’s ability to protect teeth from decay.

Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist’s Office Helps Area Families Protect Their Oral Health

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