The unpleasant feeling of having food stuck between your teeth can be hard to ignore, which is why removing that piece with floss can be such a relief. Having access to floss can help you quickly and effectively resolve this problem whenever it arises. With that said, you should not think of floss as solely a way to clear out these spaces when you feel the presence of food. Letting the spaces between teeth go uncleaned for an extended period of time can allow plaque and tartar deposits to form, which can raise your risk for problems that require dental treatment. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can check on the condition of these spaces during regular dental exams, but you should do your part by flossing each day.

Plaque And Tartar Can Form Between Teeth

While you can feel a kernel of popcorn or a small piece of meat wedged between teeth, you may not realize how many bacteria are currently gathering in these spaces. Like any other part of your smile, these areas between teeth can experience some accumulation of harmful microbes. Eventually, the debris you leave behind can accumulate and form plaque, which can harden into tartar. Plaque and tartar buildup can make it harder for you to prevent cavities, as well as issues with gum disease.

Flossing’s Role In Preventing Gum Disease

When harmful bacteria are allowed to form at the base of teeth, gum disease can become a problem. The work you put into brushing your teeth can help you avoid gingivitis, just as it can help you avoid a cavity that requires a dental filling. With that said, you can have a difficult time protecting your gums if you only rely on your toothbrush to clean your smile. Bacteria between teeth that form at your gum line can cause an infection. If gum disease is not addressed in a timely manner, the condition can lead to alarming tissue damage. To put up your most effective defense against gum disease, remember that you need to clean at your gum line when you floss and brush.

What Does A Good Flossing Routine Look Like?

You should floss on a daily basis to fight bacteria buildup. When doing so, you should move the string vertically, and carefully clean at the point where your teeth and gums meet. Take the time to floss between all of your teeth, and be careful about aggressive movements that might hurt your periodontal tissues.

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