It may not surprise you to hear that gum disease is a problem for your oral health. This can feel like a rather obvious piece of information, though you may be surprised by how gum disease can affect you. If the problem is not addressed in its early stages, your periodontal troubles can worsen as your condition grows more advanced and causes permanent damage to the tissues that support your teeth. In time, you can experience tooth loss because of gum disease. Unfortunately, this is not the only area of concern where periodontal health is concerned. The bacteria responsible for your infection may travel to different parts of your body, creating new problems for your general health. These complications can be serious – your gum disease can actually raise your risk for heart troubles! Checkups with your Corona, CA dentist and smart daily preventive care can lower your risk for problems with your periodontal health.

Gum Disease And Its Potential Impact On Your Overall Health

The bacteria that cause gum disease can cause gingivitis when an infection first forms. This can lead to problems with bleeding, some tissue swelling and discoloration, and issues with chronic bad breath. If you respond in time, the condition can be reversed, and your periodontal health can be restored. Unfortunately, the bacteria can become a permanent problem if not addressed in time. Multiplying bacteria beneath your gums can affect different areas of your body by entering your bloodstream and infecting new areas.

How Can I Tell If I Have Problems With Gum Disease?

Do you ever look closely at your gums when you brush and floss? Check these tissues out for issues like swelling, or a change in your gum line. If you have developed a recent habit of bleeding after brushing and flossing, gingivitis could be the reason why. With better oral care at home, or with periodontal treatment from your dentist, gingivitis can be stopped before you start to have complications.

Effective Strategies For Preventing Periodontal Troubles

The work you put into avoiding cavities and restorative dental work can also help you avoid periodontal troubles. Through daily oral hygiene, you can remove harmful bacteria that threaten to infect your gums. To make sure you are doing this, be sure to clean at the base of your teeth when you care for your smile, and make flossing part of your daily routine.

Your Corona, CA Dentist Can Help You Protect Your Teeth And Gums

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