As a tooth’s health deteriorates because of a cavity, or after an untreated physical injury, you can experience a worrying amount of pain. You may find it difficult to bite and chew as a result of your discomfort, or even reach a point where you cannot deal with the sensation without taking pain relievers. Your Temecula, CA dentist’s office is able to respond to a problem with a persistent and painful toothache. In fact, we can actually set up an emergency dental appointment for you if the problem is becoming more than you are comfortable ignoring. Persistent pain is often connected to an infection – the sooner you have a root canal procedure performed, the sooner you can put a stop to a problem that could cause irreversible harm to your tooth!

Pain From An Infected Tooth Can Become Hard To Ignore

While it is hard to imagine a “pleasant” toothache, the severity of your pain can understandably affect how urgent the problem feels. If you are changing your diet to avoid further aggravating the tooth, or if you no longer feel you can ignore the matter, reach out to your dentist’s office to explain the matter. Tooth pain can be a valid reason to seek emergency dental treatment. If the problem is related to an internal infection, you can reach a point where there is not a way to save your tooth.

What To Expect When You Arrange A Root Canal Procedure

Through root canal procedures, we are able to restore the health of teeth that are affected by infection. Infections often occur when a cavity has not been treated in a timely manner. A problem that could have been addressed with a dental filling can grow in severity, and eventually lead to bacteria infiltrating your pulp and damaging living tissues. Your dentist can carefully remove those infected tissues before sealing the pulp and making plans to permanently restore your tooth.

We Can Also Restore Your Tooth After The Root Canal

A root canal can stop an infection, but your tooth can be left in a vulnerable condition after treatment. Because of this, a dental crown will be placed over it. When you have a dental crown on your tooth, you can feel comfortable smiling, speaking, biting, and chewing. The restoration stops future infections from occurring, and it ensures that your tooth structure is protected against physical damage. You also have functional protection, as the crown is strong enough to absorb bite pressure.

Your Temecula, CA Dentist Can Restore Your Aching Tooth

An aching tooth can be a serious problem, one that your Temecula, CA dentist is ready to take on by providing restorative dental work. To learn more about our services, or to reach one of our other locations nearer to you, please reach us at the below:

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