What are you currently doing to make sure you stay protected against tooth decay? What you eat can certainly affect your cavity risk, and your commitment to brushing and flossing also carry clear benefits. One thing you may not realize is that you can have a more difficult time maintaining a healthy smile if you struggle with dry mouth. Dry mouth can interfere with your oral health because it limits your ability to produce saliva, which helps you fight the accumulation and spread of oral bacteria throughout your day. Your Moreno Valley, CA dentist offers quality preventive dental care during dental exams, but you should do your part to protect yourself on a daily basis by making smart, smile-friendly choices.

Dry Mouth Interferes With Your Body’s Ability To Defend Your Teeth

Saliva helps us protect our teeth by washing away food debris that can be left behind when we eat, and by helping us take care of bacteria that can gather in our mouths. When dry mouth is a persistent issue, it makes teeth more susceptible to dental decay. While infrequent bouts of dry mouth can occur to many people, certain factors can make a person vulnerable to this issue on a more frequent basis.

Issues That Can Cause Dry Mouth

Because dehydration and dry mouth are often linked, simply consuming more water during the day can be beneficial. By doing so, you can make it easier for your body to produce saliva and take care of your smile. It may be more difficult for you to stop problems with dry mouth if you take certain medications, or if you have difficulties related to stress and anxiety.

Other Issues To Watch Out For If You Want To Preserve A Healthy Smile

What you do between each dental appointment can have a big impact on whether you will need a dental filling or dental crown at your next visit, or if you receive good news about your oral health. There are a few things you can do to make your brushing routine more effective. Take at least two minutes to brush your teeth at least two times a day, and replace a toothbrush after three months of use. You can further take care of yourself by flossing on a daily basis, and cutting back on sugar.

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