Why should you check on the time it takes you to brush your teeth? If you rush when you brush, you can leave areas of your smile without care. Over time, that can lead to a buildup of plaque and tartar that will raise your risk for problems that demand restorative dental work. Your Riverside, CA dentist’s office can help with this accumulation of plaque and tartar during routine dental cleanings, but they can still be a serious concern between appointments. Improving your brushing routine is one of several things you can do to make the practice of preventing dental problems easier for you!

How Long Should It Typically Take You To Brush Your Teeth?

It should take you at least two minutes to completely brush your teeth. In that time, you can make sure that you pass the bristles over every part of your smile and remove any bacteria or food debris that might be present. If you are not taking this much time, it can mean you are leaving those hard-to-reach areas without enough attention. Over time, that can lead to tartar buildup, and raise your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

More Tips To Help You Brush Effectively

One thing to avoid if you want to brush more effectively is brushing with force. Aggressive brushing can actually weaken enamel, and it will not help you clear away tartar deposits. Thorough brushing and daily flossing can help you remove all of the harmful agents that might be present between teeth. You can interfere with your efforts to effectively clean your teeth if you use the same toothbrush for too long. Replace yours after three months, or earlier if the bristles already look worn.

Good Brushing Is Just One Part Of A Smart Approach To Oral Care

The time you spend brushing your teeth can help you avoid problems that require dental fillings and dental crowns. That being said, good brushing is just one of many measures that are important for maintaining a healthy smile. Take care of your teeth by taking care of your diet and limiting your consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Remember to also stay hydrated, as this makes it easier to provide saliva, which helps your teeth stay healthy. If you think something may be wrong with your oral health, telling your dentist and seeking treatment can help you avoid complications that might lead to pain and more damage to your tooth structure.

Our Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Helps Patients Protect Their Teeth!

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