How nervous should you be if you think your tooth might be infected? This problem can be serious, and is something you should have addressed as soon as possible. In addition to causing problems with pain and sensitivity, an infection can lead to bacteria traveling to – and infecting – different parts of your body. Our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office has experience taking care of patients who need restorative dental work for infections. Once the infection itself is addressed, we can make arrangements to protect it with a permanent dental crown. A custom crown can provide functional support while also restoring your appearance!

Signs Of An Infected Tooth You Might Experience

What kinds of symptoms can tip a person off to a potential tooth infection? Pain is often experienced, as is sensitivity. You may also observe some swelling around the tooth, or notice that it appears discolored. These signs should be treated as serious concerns. An infection can lead to further health complications, and it can do enough damage to make saving the tooth impossible!

How Is An Infected Tooth Treated?

Through root canal treatment, your dentist will carefully remove infected tissues from the inner chamber of a tooth and make sure that bacteria are not able to travel and cause problems for you. Once the removal of bacteria and damaged tissues is complete, the pulp will be sealed in order to protect you against new problems. While this saves the tooth from the effects of an infection, it does leave it in need of permanent protection. This protection can be provided with a custom dental crown, which will be secured over the tooth.

Protection For Your Tooth After Restorative Dental Work

Once restorative dental work is complete, your dentist will supply you with a personalized dental crown to keep it safe from further harm, and to improve your bite function. While a crown is designed to handle biting and chewing pressure, it can be damaged if you are not careful. You can have your restoration checked out during regular dental exams, and you can keep it safe by practicing consistent care between appointments. If you develop an issue with habitual or nighttime teeth grinding, let your dentist know – this can result in damage to the restoration.

Our Moreno Valley, CA Dentist’s Office Can Address An Infected Tooth

At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, patients can come in for treatment if they are concerned about a possibly infected tooth. Through treatment, we can address uncomfortable symptoms and also ensure that the restored tooth remains protected. If you wish to learn more, or if you would like to contact another one of our locations closer to you, we are reachable at the following:

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