When biting and chewing start to hurt, it is fair to worry that something might be wrong with your oral health. Some people who start to have trouble with their dental function feel pain or stiffness because of jaw problems. Others can grow concerned because they are no longer able to put pressure on a sore or sensitive tooth. Our Temecula, CA dentist’s office has experience helping patients figure out why they have this problem before providing the appropriate dental care. Regular preventive dental care can help you avoid issues in the future, and they can keep you informed about the condition of past issues.

How Often Do You Experience Discomfort When Biting And Chewing?

Do you frequently struggle to operate your jaw? Basic motions performed when biting, chewing, and even speaking can become difficult if you develop issues with TMJ disorder. This problem can have several causes, and it can continue to trouble you until you do something about the matter. Some people who struggle with pain have no issues with jaw movement, but do have concerns about a painful or sensitive tooth. These troubles can stem from a severe cavity, one that may call for a root canal procedure.

Tooth Pain May Stem From Issues With A Cavity

When a cavity first becomes a concern, it may not cause any noticeable symptoms for you. Unfortunately, decay continues to grow and worsen over time, which can lead to more complications. You may experience pain or sensitivity in a tooth because a cavity has grown serious enough to cause an internal tooth infection. When this occurs, it can take a root canal procedure to ensure that the matter is no longer a concern. Once this work is done, a dental crown can be placed to keep the tooth safe.

Are You Struggling With Stiff Or Painful Jaw Movements?

Have you continued to put up with problems like jaw stiffness and soreness? It may be due to TMJ disorder. This problem can occur because of a flawed bite motion, problems with teeth grinding, or issues with poor joint alignment or condition. A custom oral appliance may be necessary to improve your joint alignment and reduce stress on your jaw muscles.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About Biting And Chewing Pain

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