If you feel a surge of embarrassment every time you think about the condition of your smile, your confidence can take a significant hit. Unfortunately, the issues that have made you self-conscious could also be signs that your teeth are in poor health. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can work with individuals who have grown embarrassed because of issues that might affect the color, condition, or general health of their teeth. Through the right restorative dental work, problems with poor smile health can be taken care of so that your smile is more confident and healthier!

Oral Health Issues Can Affect A Person’s Smile

Problems with poor oral health can become visible concerns over time. If your oral hygiene routine could be improved, it may become apparent due to distracting teeth stains, or because of noticeable tartar buildup. A past dental injury, or an issue with tooth loss, can also compromise your smile. Sometimes, problems with a person’s periodontal health can contribute to their unhappiness, as a receding gum line can make their smile appear asymmetrical and less attractive.

Are You Concerned About Tartar Buildup?

Tartar buildup in visible spaces can be an alarming issue. It can also put you at risk for problems with tooth decay and gum disease without treatment! While your brushing and flossing habits can remove plaque before tartar is an issue, visible deposits that are already present can remain in place until your next professional teeth cleaning. After having deposits cleared away at an appointment, a renewed commitment to daily care can help you avoid a repeat of this problem.

Taking Care Of Damaged Or Missing Teeth

Simply put, it can be hard to feel good about your smile if people can see a chipped or cracked tooth, or if you have a problem with a conspicuous gap. Treating these problems through the appropriate restorative dental work can improve your bite function as well as your appearance. A custom dental crown for a broken tooth can help you put pressure on a tooth that was previously vulnerable. Closing a smile gap with a dental implant-held restoration can bring about functional and cosmetic improvements, plus it can prevent problems with jawbone deterioration.

Our Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Can Help Patients Who Feel Embarrassed By Their Smile

Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office has helped many patients who were embarrassed about the condition of their teeth. Through the appropriate treatment, we can take on active problems, and we can offer guidance to help you avoid future troubles. To find out more about us, or to contact one of our other locations closer to you, we can be reached at the following:

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