Have you struggled to stop cavities? Does it seem like your oral hygiene routine is less helpful than it should be? It may be time to accept that your current approach to brushing is less effective than it should be, and that without changes you can remain vulnerable to problems that call for restorative dental work. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, patients who feel unhappy with their oral health can speak about their routine during a dental checkup to learn ways they can improve. Once shortcomings are identified, it can be easier for you to successfully prevent future dental troubles!

Many People Have Room For Improvement In Their Routine

Unfortunately, many people currently have brushing routines that could use improvement. Some rush through the practice, not realizing that they are leaving some areas of their smile poorly cleaned. Others are failing to account for how often they forget, or choose to skip, cleaning their teeth. Remember that a good brushing routine is only one aspect of your oral hygiene routine that you should worry about. You also want to protect your teeth by flossing on a daily basis, and by sticking to a healthy diet.

Are You Protecting Your Gum Line When You Brush?

If you are not cleaning at the base of your teeth, you can remain vulnerable to problems with gingivitis. Over time, periodontal problems can turn into a serious concern. Unhealthy gums can lead to a greater risk for tooth loss, as well as a potential risk for general health issues. Make sure you clean thoroughly at your gum line each time you brush. By doing so, you remove the plaque accumulation that can cause an infection to occur.

Be Careful Not To Brush Too Aggressively

It may seem like brushing harder means brushing more effectively, but this is not the case. Relatively light movements are enough to clean plaque and food debris, and even hard brushing is not enough to remove tartar deposits that have already formed. By brushing with too much force, you can wear down your enamel. This can make it more difficult to prevent cavities, and also harder to avoid teeth stains. If you have recently had issues that required dental fillings or dental crowns, it can actually be a sign to lighten up while brushing!

Our Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Is Proud To Help Patients Maintain Healthy Smiles

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