Trying to simply live with, or work around, a possible dental problem can lead to consequences you do not see coming. One reason to take signs of poor oral health seriously is that a problem with a cavity can gradually worsen over time, changing the way your dentist must approach your restorative dental treatment. Another reason to feel concerned is that when you are not able to practice your normal bite function due to pain or sensitivity, you can start to develop jaw problems. An awkward bite function raises the level of stress placed on your joints and muscles, and over time that can lead to chronic pain from TMJ disorder. This can also lead to the onset of a teeth grinding habit that leaves you with greater risk for dental damage. Your Temecula, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help you if you are currently trying to contend with oral health issues, and with problems with jaw pain and stiffness.

Do You Feel Unable To Bite And Chew Without Some Discomfort?

If you are no longer able to bite, chew, or speak without a degree of pain or stiffness, be aware that you could already have issues with TMJ disorder. Joint stress, arthritis, and uneven movement can all lead to this disorder, which can be responsible for headaches, facial pain, and teeth grinding difficulties. If you continue to ignore these symptoms, or if you are aware of a flawed bite you are not trying to remedy, the condition can take a serious toll on your quality of life.

Restoring Weak, Damaged, Or Otherwise Unhealthy Teeth

You may not be able to bite down properly because you are uncomfortable with pressure on a particular tooth, or because you are not able to evenly apply pressure. Sometimes, this can be the result of a naturally occurring flaw with a tooth’s shape or size, but it can also be connected to a past injury. Restoring a problem tooth with a dental crown allows you to enjoy better bite function.

Addressing Problems With Your Bite Function

Is it hard for you to bite and chew without an awkward feeling, or without difficulty evenly applying pressure across your teeth? This may be because of poor smile alignment. If so, we can address the issue through orthodontic treatment. For some patients who have long struggled with jaw pain, straighter teeth may be key to finally resolving their issues with pain.

Meet With Your Temecula, CA Dentist To Discuss Jaw Pain

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