When a dental filling is not going to offer enough support for a tooth, your Corona, CA dentist will turn to a dental crown to make sure you have lasting support. While dental fillings only provide support at the site where a cavity was removed, crowns provide a larger coverage area in order to offer more protection. How much coverage can your crown offer? This will depend on the condition of your tooth, and what it will take to restore it. Inlays and onlays both offer partial coverage of your tooth, while a full dental crown will completely cover it above your gum line.

The Role Dental Crowns Play In Restorative Treatment

A dental crown is used to restore teeth that are affected by decay, and they also help to restore teeth that have been damaged by physical injuries. Their coverage keeps a vulnerable portion of your enamel safe from a potential infection, and also allows you to bite and chew without discomfort.

Will You Need A Crown, An Inlay, Or An Onlay?

The condition of your tooth will determine how your dentist approaches treating it. Inlays are used to restore the spaces between the cusps of a tooth, while onlays extend over the cusps to provide more protection. These restorations are able to provide more than just the support of a filling, but they require less work on your tooth structure than a full dental crown. While a crown requires more preparatory work, and causes more changes to your tooth structure, it can provide coverage for a tooth that is badly damaged or weakened through restorative treatment, including treatment with a root canal procedure.

Will Treatment Affect The Quality Of Your Smile?

With the right materials, a tooth can be restored without changing the way you look when speaking and smiling. Materials like porcelain and zirconia closely imitate the appearance of healthy enamel. What that means is that when a crown is in place, it will not stick out as something other than a natural tooth. Our goal is to preserve more than just your bite – with the right materials, we can help you remain confident in your appearance as well!

Arrange Restorative Treatment With Your Corona, CA Dentist

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