After a person loses a tooth, they can lose more than just confidence in the way they look. That single gap in their smile can create difficulties for them whenever they try to bite and chew. Over time, this can mean more wear and tear on remaining teeth, and it can also create stress on your jaw joints and muscles. At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we can provide prosthetic dental work that helps improve your dental function as well as your smile! Thanks to the support from dental implants, lifelike dental prostheses can be counted on to stay in place even when you put pressure on them by biting and chewing. In addition to helping your dental function, this support helps you avoid problems with jawbone deterioration, a concern for those who are missing teeth.

Your Incomplete Smile Can Hurt Your Confidence And Dental Health

If your smile reveals a gap caused by tooth loss, it can be difficult to keep showing it off. Some people find that they are uncomfortable speaking, smiling, or laughing around others due to their self-conscious feelings! Tooth loss can be harmful enough when you only consider the impact on your appearance. When you consider its impact on your bite function, you can identify even more issues that should give you pause. Fortunately, a permanent prosthetic can help you smile, speak, bite, and chew without these issues!

Planning Prosthetic Treatment With Dental Implants

Through the placement of dental implants, it becomes possible to hold restorations in place even as you put pressure on them while biting and chewing. To ensure a successful placement, your dentist will closely study your jaw to determine the right position for it. This initial review also allows us to determine if issues with your jawbone or periodontal health might call for attention before moving forward with prosthetic work. After this preliminary appointment, the placement of your implant can be scheduled. An appropriate healing period will have to take place after this. Once it is over, you can return to your dentist’s office to have a custom restoration set in position!

The Long-Term Benefits Of Implant-Held Restorations

Dental implants make it easier to support prosthetic appliances of different sizes – even dentures can be secured by them! Over time, you can actually protect yourself against problems like jawbone resorption, an event that sees the bone lose mass, with implants in position. This is because the biting and chewing you do will stimulate them, which sends signals through your jawbone that call for the delivery of nutrients needed by the bone tissues.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Receiving Dental Implants

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