If your tooth reacts badly when exposed to hot or cold items, or if you frequently have to limit pressure on it because it has become sensitive, you should worry about a potential dental problem. Sensitivity, pain, and other issues like swelling and discoloration can warn you that a tooth needs to be treated for a cavity. Cavities that cause these symptoms can require root canal treatment, as bacteria may have already infiltrated your pulp and started attacking the nerves within. General sensitivity can be a sign of other concerns, such as gum line recession or enamel erosion. Our Corona, CA dentist’s office can help those who struggle with different problems that involve some degree of dental sensitivity.

What Issues With Dental Sensitivity Have You Experienced?

Is your problem with sensitivity isolated to a single tooth, or do you have a general increase in sensitivity to worry about? For isolated problems, sensitivity and pain may be traceable to problems with tooth decay. General problems can result because your gum line has started to recede, exposing portions of teeth that are naturally more sensitive, or because you are losing layers of your enamel. During a routine dental visit, we can check on the condition of your smile and determine why sensitivity issues have started to bother you and let you know what can be done to help.

A Checkup Can Lead To Problems Being Identified And Treated

At a routine appointment, your smile is carefully checked for any signs of tooth decay. It is possible for us to catch a cavity and treat it before you actually experience discomfort. When cavities are caught in earlier stages, they can be dealt with through the placement of a dental filling. If you come in with concerns over sensitivity, the cavity may already be serious enough to demand a root canal treatment. After the procedure is performed, a dental crown will be needed to protect the tooth.

Dental Sensitivity And Teeth Grinding

Gradual wear and tear from teeth grinding can lead to problems with sensitivity, but they can also lead to jaw pain, dental damage, and issues with your bite function. Addressing this problem, known as bruxism, may be an important step in resolving problems with your sensitivity. To help you avoid damage and pain from grinding, we can provide a custom appliance that you wear at night to keep your teeth apart.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Teeth Grinding Issues

Our Corona, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients who are starting to grow worried about the effects of dental sensitivity. In addition to finding a cause for your discomfort, we can help you through treatment to resolve any active problems. Find out more by calling our practice, or another one of our locations closer to you, at the following:

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