While dental health is obviously important, a person can become self-conscious about a healthy smile when they have noticeable issues with discolored, worn, or misshapen teeth. If you have several teeth with appearances that make you unhappy, or if you have more than one problem to address, you may worry that the process of improving your appearance will be involved. What you can find is that porcelain veneers provide a conservative solution for multiple issues in just one treatment. These custom porcelain shells are capable of transforming the way your teeth look, effectively giving you a bright, uniform smile that you are eager to show off in pictures or in person. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can evaluate your teeth to determine how veneers can help. If necessary, we can recommend the placement of dental crowns to make sure that teeth enjoy functional support as well as cosmetic changes.

Do You Feel Embarrassed By Your Current Smile?

How confident are you when it comes to showing off your smile? Do you feel reluctant to smile in photos, or take care to limit how visible your teeth are when you speak? Problems with the appearance of teeth will not always be related to poor oral health. Teeth that are otherwise healthy can look unsightly because they are the wrong shape or size for your smile, or because of superficial damages that have changed their shapes. You may feel that your teeth make you look old due to wear and tear from teeth grinding. While these problems are worth taking seriously, you can be relieved to know that veneers can address all of the issues you have while making minimal changes to your tooth structure.

How Veneers Take On Multiple Flaws Through One Treatment

Veneers are carefully affixed to the fronts of teeth, leaving most of your tooth structure untouched. To make sure that the restorations you receive are right for your smile, your dentist will perform an initial evaluation to closely measure them. Along with taking measurements, they can do minor preparatory work to ensure that there is enough space for their placement.

When your veneers are in position, they can make restored teeth look brighter, healthier, and also make sure they help your smile look symmetrical. In some cases, it will be possible to hide gaps and overlaps caused by malocclusion.

Other Solutions For Smile Flaws That May Interest You

If a tooth needs more than just cosmetic improvements, the placement of a dental crown instead of a veneer can be recommended. With crowns, it is possible to improve the bite support your tooth enjoys. These restorations occupy more space and require more modification, but they can have lasting value for your appearance as well as your dental health.

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