Do you have an easy way of recognizing when gum disease has formed and affected your oral health? Are you checking your periodontal tissues for symptoms when you brush and floss? By paying attention to the state of your gums, you can spot when there are symptoms of gingivitis and take the appropriate action to address it. With that said, you are not the only person who can check on the health of your gums. During a routine dental appointment, your Corona, CA dentist’s office will review your periodontal health as well as the health of your teeth. If signs of an infection are present, a dedicated periodontal cleaning can deal with the bacteria responsible for your condition.

The Effects Of Gum Disease Could Be Worse Than You Realize

In time, gingivitis will turn into a more serious form of gum disease that can have long-term consequences. If an infection worsens, it can lead to serious damage to the tissues supporting teeth, which results in teeth loosening and becoming lost. There is also a risk that your infection will allow bacteria to affect other parts of your body and compromise your health in other ways. The sooner you address the signs of infection, the sooner you can make sure that the problem is treated before lasting issues occur.

Watch Out For These Symptoms When You Examine Your Smile

If you want to make sure that your gums are healthy, watch out for problems with bleeding after brushing and flossing, swelling, or the formation of dark areas on the tissues. These problems all point to issues with gum disease, and should not be taken lightly. Remember that an infection forms when bacteria at the base of your teeth move beneath your gums and create problems. When you effectively clean every part of your smile, including the spaces where your teeth and gums meet, you can fight those microbes before gingivitis is a concern.

Arranging Treatment For Gingivitis At Your Next Checkup

In the course of a dental checkup, your dentist will look for any evidence of gingivitis. When symptoms of a problem are present, they can be treated so that the matter does not worsen. A special periodontal cleaning removes the bacteria that are already gathered beneath your gums, effectively stopping the problem by removing the cause of the infection. If your condition has already moved past the point of gingivitis, we can determine what the next steps for your care should be.

Your Corona, CA Dentist’s Office Can Help You With Gingivitis

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