While people are clear on the idea that a cavity is harmful, they may underestimate just how destructive tooth decay can be. A lack of concern, or misplaced confidence in a less effective oral hygiene routine, can make you more vulnerable to worrying tooth damage! After forming, a cavity will continue to harm your enamel until it is treated by a dentist. If enough time passes without treatment, that harm will lead to an infection, and can eventually result in bacteria spreading beyond the tooth through its roots! At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we are prepared to provide restorative dental work when a problem forms. We can also provide services during a routine dental exam to help you avoid decay.

Once A Cavity Forms, Restorative Treatment Will Have To Take Place

There is no way to reverse the harm that a cavity has done after it forms. While treatment can take place in time to minimize damage, a cavity’s effect on your tooth is going to be permanent. This is one reason why prompt care is so important – the sooner you act, the less harm you ultimately experience. Of course, your ideal approach should be one that keeps you safe from the initial formation of the cavity.

What Does Cavity Treatment Involve?

The size of a cavity will affect what approach we take to restoring it. If the cavity is small enough, we will rely on a dental filling to restore it. Fillings only take up a small amount of space, leaving the healthy enamel around your cavity alone. Unfortunately, this approach is not always effective, as some cavities do too much harm for treatment to be effective. In these situations, a dental crown will be designed and placed over the tooth to cover it and keep it safe. When necessary, cavity treatment will include root canal therapy. This is done in order to remove harmful bacteria that have accumulated within your tooth.

Steps You Can Take To Better Protect Yourself Against Decay

You lower your risk for decay by staying consistent with brushing and flossing, and by sticking to a diet that is relatively low in sugar. You can also protect yourself by staying consistent with routine dental exams. At every checkup, your teeth are carefully cleaned by your hygienist. This results in the removal of tartar, a harmful form of hardened plaque that your toothbrush and floss are not able to remove.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About Tooth Decay

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