When you find out just how harmful gum disease can be, it can be easy to see why prevention should be a priority. If gingivitis forms and is not treated in time, an infection can grow serious enough to cause long-term problems. Those problems can include the loss of teeth, and may even impact your ability to manage your overall health! Your Riverside, CA dentist’s office is able to help you prevent periodontal problems during routine dental checkups. Regular teeth cleanings make you less vulnerable to problems, and when necessary we can even provide a special periodontal cleaning to deal with an active case of gingivitis. In between appointments, you can maintain a good oral hygiene routine that gives you a consistent defense against future infections.

Is Your Current Oral Hygiene Routine Keeping Your Gums Healthy?

If you have recently observed worrying changes to the appearance of your gums, or if you have had to undergo a periodontal cleaning at a recent dental appointment, you can have some understandable concerns about the care you currently provide your teeth. As you brush and floss, you should always make cleaning at the base of your teeth a priority. By doing so, you can stop the accumulation of plaque and tartar that lead to gingivitis. Of course, a thorough routine is also going to help you avoid problems with tooth decay that demand restorative dental work!

Be Alert For Early Warning Signs Of Infection

As you clean your smile, you can keep a close eye on your gums for any worrying signs of infection. Those signs can include problems with bleeding gums, a change in your gum line, or a problem with swollen, sensitive tissues. When early warning signs are caught, and the appropriate defense of the tissues is made, you can stop gingivitis before your condition grows more serious. Unfortunately, those who ignore gum disease can make themselves more likely to experience tooth loss and other problems related to an advanced infection.

We Can Help You If You Are Affected By An Infection

If you do show signs of an infection at your next appointment, we can recommend periodontal care to remove bacteria that have already begun to accumulate on the roots of your teeth. The removal of these bacteria will allow your gums to heal and return to good health. We can also provide guidance during your dental visit to help you stay safe against more problems in the future.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office About Your Periodontal Health

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