What stops people from finally addressing issues with malocclusion? For some, the idea of wearing braces can make them too self-conscious to move forward with orthodontic treatment. What they fail to recognize is how many other options there are for an adjustment. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we provide multiple treatment options for individuals who want to fix gaps, spacing issues, and other flaws. We may be able to move forward with treatment using Invisalign aligners instead of traditional bracket-and-wire braces. We also have the options of gold braces and clear braces, which are designed to attract less notice and create fewer issues with your appearance.

Patients Sometimes Feel Uneasy About Wearing Conspicuous Metal Braces

For teenagers and adults who need to maintain a professional look during work, braces can seem like more trouble than they are worth. They can fear that their corrective appliance will make them look juvenile, which can make them reluctant to enjoy the cosmetic and oral health benefits of treatment. If you have found yourself putting off treatment because you fear what braces will do to the way you look, an exploration of alternative treatments can be beneficial!

Exploring Alternatives To Traditional Orthodontic Appliances

People with mild to moderate alignment problems can often receive approval for treatment with Invisalign aligners. These are removable appliances that can be worn without drawing the notice of others thanks to their clear plastic design. These make it easier to wear orthodontic appliances with confidence, and they also make eating and cleaning your teeth easier! For those who are better served by traditional braces but still wish to minimize the effect of treatment on their appearance, we can offer gold braces and clear braces. In both cases, the materials used to construct your aligners will be harder to see, which can make others less likely to realize that you are having your teeth straightened.

Remember That Braces Help With More Than Just Your Appearance

There is more to orthodontic work than just making your smile more attractive. An adjustment may be needed to improve your bite function and make you less likely to struggle with TMJ disorder in the future. Corrective work can also be good for fixing overlapping teeth that are difficult to keep clean.

Talk To Our Temecula, CA Dentist’s Office About Orthodontic Work

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