It can be alarming to learn that you have an infection affecting a tooth. While you can be understandably worried about what this means for your oral health and smile, you should know that treatment can still help stop the problem from worsening. Infections can be addressed through root canal therapy, which will see your dentist carefully remove bacteria and infected tissues to restore a tooth’s health. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to care for a patient when they show signs of infection. While it is often possible to perform restorative dental work before a tooth has to be removed, you should know that waiting too long for treatment can make you vulnerable to complications that require a tooth extraction.

An Infected Tooth Is Not A Problem To Take Lightly

While there may be time to save an infected tooth, you should not write this off as a minor problem. Infections can occur when an injury leaves a tooth exposed to bacteria, or when a cavity continues to grow until bacteria are able to gain entry to the pulp and attack the living tissues within your tooth. You can experience pain because of this, find it hard to bite and chew, or struggle with sensitivity. The tooth itself may change color, and you may notice swelling in the surrounding gum tissues. If too much time passes, bacteria can spread far enough, and do enough harm, to leave extraction as the only treatment option available.

Treatment Is Available For An Infected Tooth

If a tooth has become infected, we can treat it by performing root canal therapy. Through this service, we are able to directly deal with an infection that has formed within a tooth’s structure. Your dentist will remove bacteria as well as infected tissues before the pulp is sealed. After this is done, our focus will change from taking care of the tooth to providing it with a proper restoration.

Restoring A Tooth After Root Canal Therapy

If a tooth has undergone root canal therapy, it will require more than just a dental filling. A dental crown will offer enough protection – this restoration completely covers a tooth above the gum line to keep it safe. In addition to protecting your tooth structure from harm or a new infection, it will provide support for your bite function.

Your Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Is Ready To Treat Your Infected Tooth

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