While tooth extraction is something your dentist will try to avoid, a tooth’s health can deteriorate so much that the only treatment option left is to remove it. If you are in a situation where an extraction has to be arranged, our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office can address the matter in order to protect your oral health and allow you to recover from the effect the tooth has had on you. After the removal occurs, we can make plans to restore your smile through prosthetic dental work. While we are prepared to perform extractions for patients, it should be noted that you can lower your risk for needing this work when you consistently schedule and attend routine dental exams. These visits allow us to spot and treat concerns before there are complications that put teeth at risk.

Why It Is Sometimes Necessary To Extract A Tooth

Over time, a problem with an injury or decay will worsen if you do not see your dentist to have your tooth’s health restored. When an infection develops, harmful bacteria that attack your tooth will have to be dealt with through root canal therapy. Unfortunately, if this treatment does not take place, those bacteria are able to move through the roots of a tooth and spread, causing additional problems. Through extraction, we can stop an infected tooth from causing you pain or spreading bacteria any further.

We Can Make Sure The Tooth Is Safely Removed

By scheduling a tooth extraction with your dentist, you can make sure that the problem is properly handled. That means your discomfort will be limited, and you will not have to worry about doing more harm to your smile or oral health. Once the tooth is out, we can give you guidelines to follow in order to enjoy a successful recovery period. One thing to remember is that unless the tooth being extracted is a wisdom tooth, we can replace what was taken out with a durable, dependable dental prosthetic.

Can I Replace My Lost Tooth With A Prosthetic?

Wisdom teeth are often removed, but no replacement is provided because people typically lack the space for these teeth. When other teeth have to be extracted, we can make arrangements to provide replacements. Your options for prosthetic work include appliances that are held with dental implants. Implants are set directly into your jawbone, and they help protect the bone by stimulating it when you bite and chew.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist’s Office About Tooth Extraction

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