After a cavity forms, it will be necessary to completely remove the infected tissues and bacteria in order to protect your tooth. In some cases, this can be done by removing a portion of your enamel where decay became a problem. In others, it may be necessary to perform root canal therapy to properly remove all bacteria and traces of infection. Our Corona, CA dentist’s office is prepared to provide root canal therapy when necessary. With that said, we can help you avoid this treatment by regularly checking on the condition of your teeth during dental exams and alerting you to trouble with tooth decay before advanced work is needed.

When Does It Become Necessary To Undergo Root Canal Therapy?

When a cavity forms, it will create an opening in your enamel that you will not be able to heal from on your own. That space will continue to grow as bacteria destroy your tooth structure – the longer it takes for you to have restorative dental work done, the more harm your tooth will ultimately experience. Eventually, those harmful microbes attacking your tooth will reach your pulp and begin causing issues within your tooth. At this point, a root canal is needed to clear out bacteria and also remove the infected tissues housed in your pulp.

What To Expect When You Arrange Cavity Treatment

When your dentist performs work to restore your tooth, they will carefully assess just how much harm it has experienced. If it proves necessary to perform a root canal, care will be taken to gain access to your pulp so that the infection can be dealt with. Once this is done, your pulp will be sealed and the tooth will be restored. If your dentist identifies a cavity before this work is needed, your tooth can be fine after the cavity is removed and the space where it formed is taken care of with a dental filling.

How Your Tooth Is Restored After Cavity Treatment

Dental fillings and dental crowns are both used to restore teeth that are affected by decay. Fillings only take up a limited amount of space. When a filling is recommended, the area beyond where a cavity forms can be left untouched while the damaged space is “filled” in with a tooth-colored substance that keeps you safe against further harm. For larger cavities, including those that require root canal therapy, dental crowns are placed.

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