What does your current smile care routine look like? Are you doing enough each day to make sure that you have no problems with tooth decay or gum disease? The unfortunate reality is that many people who believe they are taking effective care of their teeth will learn that they need work done on a tooth because of a cavity, or that they have issues with gum disease that must be addressed. To make sure your smile remains healthy, be consistent with regular dental exams. A visit every six months to your Temecula, CA dentist’s office can give you important feedback about your dental well-being. It will also help you because you will receive routine cleanings that remove harmful tartar deposits before they cause trouble for you!

How Long Has It Been Since You Last Scheduled A Dental Checkup?

If you have gone more than six months without a dental checkup, you may have left your smile in a more vulnerable state than you realize. Consistency with preventive care is important for several reasons. One is that without these visits, you can fail to realize that a problem has already developed, which means complications can ultimately affect you. Another problem is that missing checkups means missing professional teeth cleanings, which leaves you vulnerable to tartar formation and accumulation!

What To Expect During Your Appointment

At every routine exam, a patient is given a careful review of their smile. The goal during this review is to see whether any problems have arisen that require treatment. In addition to doing this, we also provide teeth cleanings to remove harmful plaque, tartar, and food debris. If these deposits are left on teeth, they make a person more likely to have dental troubles over time.

What Will Happen If A Problem Is Identified During My Visit?

It may be hard to take the news that you have a cavity as anything but negative. While you can be dismayed to hear that you need a dental filling, you can be relieved that the problem was caught before it could worsen! In time, a cavity can work its way through your enamel and infect your tooth. Before you return to the dentist, you can develop a painful toothache from this infection, which will require root canal therapy.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About Scheduling Your Next Checkup

At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we are ready to help patients stay on top of their oral health needs with regular dental exams. If you are due for an appointment, you can reach our practice – or another of our offices closer to you – at the following:

Oasis Family Dental in Temecula, CA at (951) 695-2290.

Riverside Dental Group at Magnolia in Riverside, CA at (951) 689-5031.

Dental Associates of Moreno Valley in Moreno Valley, CA at (951) 697-6800.

Riverside Dental Group at Woodcrest in Riverside, CA at (951) 776-9001.

Dental Associates of Riverside in Riverside, CA at (951) 369-1001.

Dental Associates of Corona in Corona, CA at (951) 273-9580.