Is there cause for alarm when you have several teeth that require restorative dental treatment? You should worry about your oral health in this situation. After all, any issues that you have with cavities or physical damage leave you with permanent harm to your tooth structure. If multiple teeth need attention from your Temecula, CA dentist, it will take several restorations to fully protect your smile. With that said, our practice has experience working with patients under these circumstances. We can walk you through our recommendations for fully restoring your smile, and we can make plans to restore your oral health as well as your appearance!

An Oral Health Exam Can Give You Important Feedback About Your Oral Health

In the course of a regular dental exam, your dentist is going to thoroughly check you for any signs of trouble that might call for our services. For people who have had a longer absence from routine care, this can lead to the discovery that more than one tooth has issues with dental decay, or that teeth are worn or damaged and need attention. If your smile is in poor condition, with multiple teeth in need of care, we can discuss what the process of restoring your smile will involve.

Creating A Treatment Plan That Addresses Multiple Problems

As we go through the issues that currently affect your smile, we will bring up the severity of different problems, and recommend the order of treatment that responds to the most serious issues first. Cavities that have already caused problems with infection can be addressed first, followed by decay that has yet to do more than harm your enamel. We can also determine if you have teeth that are in poor shape because of physical damage, or any that lack support because of unresolved gum disease. Based on these conditions, we can determine whether teeth need to be capped or replaced.

Will My Restorative Treatment Affect My Appearance?

Both the dental fillings and dental crowns that we use to restore patients’ teeth can match the look and texture of healthy enamel. Because of this, we can take care to give your a renewed sense of confidence in your smile by doing restorative work that improves the way you look while also improving your oral health!

Your Temecula, CA Dentist Is Ready To Help You Fully Restore Your Smile!

At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, patients who worry they may need several procedures to fully restore their smile can find out how we can best respond to their needs. After working out a plan to address all of your needs, we can begin a process that improves your oral health as well as your appearance!

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