Your dissatisfaction with your smile can affect your confidence, which can lead to social difficulties and negative feelings that bring down your quality of life. Fortunately, these concerns you have about your smile can be addressed through cosmetic dentistry! Even if you feel that there are several problems that need to be addressed before you can be truly confident, you can find that one procedure is enough to give you the appearance you truly want to show the world. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we are ready to help patients interested in showing off smile improvements. With porcelain veneers, we can restore your appearance through the placement of thin shells that make significant changes while minimizing any changes to your tooth structure.

What Would You Like To Change About Your Smile?

There are many different issues that can lower a person’s confidence in the way that they look. Your concerns may center on discoloration, problems with wear and tear, or naturally occurring troubles with the shape or size of teeth. Any one of these problems can seriously hurt your confidence in the way you look. If more than one them currently affects you, it may be hard to believe that one procedure will be enough to make all of your desired improvements. What you can find is that veneers are up to the challenge of dramatically improving the way you look!

How Veneers Address Smile Flaws

When porcelain veneers are made, care is taken to ensure that they are the right shape and size to fit on your teeth and look natural as they address the different issues that affect the way you look. At an initial appointment, your dentist will carefully measure your teeth and make minor changes to your tooth structure to ensure that there is space for them when they are placed. Their coverage can hide chips and cracks, improve the color of your smile, and even cover up awkward spaces where teeth are out of alignment.

Will My Improvements Really Last?

Because of their slim design, it may seem hard to imagine that veneers are capable of providing improvements that last. What you can discover is that the porcelain material used to make them is effective at withstanding biting and chewing pressures for many years without trouble. With that said, it may be necessary to restore a tooth with a dental crown instead of a veneer if it already has issues with biting and chewing, as crowns can provide functional support in addition to protection for your smile.

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