If you develop an infected tooth, it can be difficult to act as though nothing is wrong. Infections often lead to problems with pain and sensitivity, and may even cause your tooth’s color to change! After developing this problem, you may worry that your smile will be permanently altered. You can be relieved to know that our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to restore the tooth’s health and appearance. Because of this, we can make sure that your smile is preserved at the end of a procedure. In the event that an infection develops and is not treated in time, there is a potential for you to lose the tooth in question. If this happens, we can still offer support through prosthetic dental work that restores the way you look as well as your bite function.

A Tooth Infection Is Not A Problem You Want To Ignore

If you start to suspect that you have an infected tooth, you should schedule treatment as soon as possible. An infection will continue to worsen as bacteria harm living tissues and spread through your roots. Until the appropriate restorative dental work is provided, the bacteria can keep traveling and doing more harm to your oral health, leading to both tooth loss and the spread of harmful microbes beyond the tooth!

Arranging Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic treatment refers to dental services that address problems within a tooth. Root canal therapy is a common form of endodontic treatment. It can be necessary when you have advanced decay to address, or when you have problems that develop after a tooth is physically injured. Once your root canal is performed, you can feel relief from the ongoing pain and sensitivity issues you have struggled with. To complete your treatment, your dentist will provide you with a custom dental crown that covers your tooth.

What If My Tooth Is Past The Point Of Saving?

If an infection spreads and damages too much of your tooth structure, it can be beyond saving. While this is certainly something we hope to avoid, it can happen. At this point, we can save your smile by extracting the tooth and planning a procedure to replace it. When you have a dental implant put in place to hold your artificial tooth, you can count on lasting stability, a restored appearance, and even an improved bite!

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist If You Need Treatment For An Infected Tooth

Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is here to help when patients require endodontic treatment for an infected tooth. If you require this service, or if you want to schedule routine care to avoid this kind of oral health issue, reach our practice (or another of our locations closer to you) at the following:

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