When your wisdom teeth begin to arrive, you can be less than thrilled. What you can instead feel is discomfort, as these teeth can press against their neighbors and create difficulties for you! Many people do not have the space for their wisdom teeth, which is why they are so often removed. At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we can take care of wisdom teeth through a surgical procedure that extracts them without affecting neighboring teeth. Will you need this procedure? We can provide an early warning about your wisdom teeth eruption when you schedule regular dental exams, as they let us evaluate you and look out for their movement.

Is It Time To Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Your wisdom teeth may lack space when they arrive, which is why they end up pressing against neighboring teeth. That pressure can cause you an alarming degree of pain. In time, the pushing can lead to issues with wisdom teeth becoming impacted, which means they shift and do not erupt properly. They can also damage neighboring teeth, or change your alignment by causing crowding to occur.

Why Oral Surgery Can Be Necessary For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Oral surgery allows us to remove impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth without creating problems for the teeth next to them. When we extract them, we will take care to remove them carefully and minimize changes to your soft tissues. Once this work is done, we can provide guidance on managing discomfort and ensuring that you heal properly. Because wisdom teeth are not needed, you will not have to worry about scheduling restorative dental work to receive prosthetic teeth to replace them.

Stay Informed About Oral Health Developments At Regular Exams

You can stay informed about the state of your smile when you attend routine dental exams every six months. Your dentist can identify problems before they start to worry you – by doing so, they can suggest treatment before there are complications. Remember that letting your wisdom teeth come in can lead to potentially serious problems. The sooner issues are identified and resolved, the less likely you are to experience these troubles!

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Removing Your Wisdom Teeth

When wisdom teeth become a problem, our Corona, CA dentist’s office is ready to help! We can carefully extract these teeth before they create issues for you, and we can also provide regular feedback about your oral health so that they are addressed before they cause too much concern. To learn more about how we can help, or to discuss treatment at one of our other locations closer to you, call us at the following:

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