If you have access to whitening treatments at your local grocery store or pharmacy, why should you bring up your concerns about teeth stains to your dentist? There are actually multiple benefits to addressing this problem with a professional. One is that you may be dealing with dental discoloration because of internal problems, not teeth stains, which means a whitening treatment may not be the right approach for you. If you do have issues because of teeth stains, a professional whitening procedure can often help more effectively than over the counter treatments, as your dentist can provide you with access to whiteners that are more effective at addressing tougher and deeper stains in your enamel.

How Do You Feel About The Color Of Your Smile?

Dental discoloration is a common cause for embarrassment. The color of your smile can change gradually over time. If you have a smoking habit, drink an unusual amount of coffee or tea, or engage in other behaviors that can cause teeth stains, discoloration can become a source of deep embarrassment. Even if you are more cautious with your habits and dedicated to consistent brushing and flossing, stains can gradually gather even if you are keeping your smile cavity-free!

Choosing A Teeth Whitening Treatment That Fits Your Current Schedule

To fight teeth stains, we can provide a teeth whitening treatment in our office, or we can create a personalized whitening kit for you to use at home. Custom whitening kits that we provide to our patients contain potent whitening gels as well as customized trays that help with the application process. Over a series of daily treatments, your enamel can become progressively whiter. People typically complete these treatments in around two weeks. We can also break apart stains during an in-office whitening procedure that we can complete in around one or two hours.

Arranging A Different Cosmetic Treatment

So what can you do about discoloration if your teeth are affected by something other than stains? Internal discoloration can affect your appearance if you suffer from enamel erosion, after taking certain medications, or even after a tooth injury! Tooth bonding services and treatments with porcelain veneers can help with internal problems. These cosmetic dental procedures can also interest you because they are effective at resolving problems that affect the shape or size of teeth.

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