Having any problems with tooth decay can be stressful. After all, a cavity does irreversible harm to your tooth structure, and your difficulties with decay will keep worsening until the appropriate restorative dental treatment is performed. It can be particularly upsetting to learn that you have several cavities that need to be treated – fortunately, your dentist can help you by making a plan to fully restore your oral health. At our Riverside, CA dental office, we can take on patients’ oral health needs when they have several cavities that need to be treated. In addition to taking on smaller cavities, we can take on more serious problems with your oral health that might call for root canal therapy and dental crowns.

Problems With Multiple Cavities Can Be Alarming

If you are not scheduling dental exams on a regular basis, you can fail to realize when problems first start to affect you. Unfortunately, by the time you feel that you should see a dentist about concerning oral health issues, several cavities can be present, which means you will require more services to fully regain a healthy mouth. If you have advanced cavities, you will need more involved care that can affect more of your tooth structure. Fortunately, our procedures can preserve the appearance of teeth even when more involved care is necessary.

What Can Restorative Dental Work Involve?

The type of treatment your teeth undergo will depend on what condition they are in when we see you. Smaller cavities can be treated with dental fillings, which are discreet restorations we apply directly to areas where decay has become a concern. If a cavity is too large to be restored with a filling, we will have to use a dental crown. A crown caps a tooth – that greater coverage requires more preparatory work, but it provides more support. In the event that a cavity has resulted in an infection, it will be necessary for us to provide root canal therapy.

Avoiding Cavities In The Future

Better oral hygiene habits can certainly help you avoid cavities, but remember that a cavity will have to be treated by your dentist when it forms. In other words, better daily choices will not address decay that already requires treatment. Be consistent with your regular dental exams. By going in for these regular checkups, you receive early warnings about tooth decay and protective cleanings.

Schedule Cavity Treatment At Our Riverside, CA Dental Office

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