When it goes untreated, gum disease can turn into a serious oral health problem, one that can also affect your general well-being. Fortunately, you have protection against the development of a severe infection. Your Corona, CA dentist can identify the warning signs of gingivitis during a regular dental exam. When an infection is a concern, we can provide a periodontal cleaning to remove the bacteria causing problems with your gum line. You can also recognize when your gums are starting to deal with gingivitis by looking out for symptoms on your own. By identifying the problem, you can recognize the need to change up your routine to better protect your gums against bacteria.

How Serious Can Poor Gum Health Become?

If gingivitis is not properly addressed, bacteria can keep spreading on the roots of your teeth and harming your gum tissues. Eventually, your infection can turn into a more serious case of gum disease, something that can have long-term effects on your health. One issue to worry about when you have advanced gum disease is tooth loss. This is because your infection can damage the tissues supporting teeth, leading to problems with teeth becoming loose or lost. You can also have a harder time managing your health due to an ongoing infection.

Protecting Your Gums At Home

Problems with bleeding gums, tissue swelling, discoloration, and even bad breath can point to trouble with gingivitis. Through good daily habits, you can fight the worsening effects of gum disease. Just as brushing and flossing properly make you less likely to need restorative dental work for a cavity, your good habits can make you less likely to experience gingivitis. Better daily care can help you prevent the buildup of plaque on your gum line, which can lead to gingivitis. Make sure that you floss as well as brush – doing so removes bacteria from spaces that are hard to reach by brushing alone.

Your Dentist Can Help You Maintain Your Periodontal Health

Through regular dental exams, you can remain better protected against periodontal problems. While your daily routine can remove food debris and plaque, it is not so effective when it comes to removing tartar deposits. Fortunately, these can be removed with your hygienist’s help before tartar causes problems with your general health. When necessary, we can take care to clean below your gum line to remove harmful debris causing your infection.

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