After you complete prosthetic dental work, will you be able to bite and chew with renewed confidence? Are you going to experience problems with a restoration that does not feel secure, causing potential embarrassment? When you start to look into treatment, you can learn about permanent prosthetic restorations that can be trusted to remain in position. One treatment option provided by our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office is treatment with a dental bridge. A bridge can be set in place permanently without the need for oral surgery. It stays secure thanks to a pair of dental crowns at either side, which keep it from coming loose over time. With treatment complete, you can enjoy renewed confidence in your smile as well as in your ability to bite, chew, and speak!

Addressing Tooth Loss With A Permanent Restoration

Tooth loss creates many unwelcome problems, and those problems can grow steadily harder to ignore over time. Cosmetic problems can be an immediate concern, but they can be joined by additional worries over your diminished capacity to bite and chew certain foods. Over time, a change in your dental function can leave you more likely to develop TMJ disorder, something that can lead to persistent aches and pains.

Receiving Your Custom Dental Bridge

A custom dental bridge imitates healthy teeth to restore your smile, and it also provides functional stability so that you can bite and chew with greater ease. Your dentist will take careful measurements of the space left by tooth loss as well as the teeth on either side of your gap. The information that we acquire will be used to create a custom restoration that fits securely and looks natural. The bridge contains a pair of dental crowns that are capped to the teeth at either side of your space.

Should I Look Into The Benefits Of Implant Dentistry?

While dental bridges provide many benefits, you may want to discuss other prosthetic treatment options. One option is to secure a restoration with a dental implant. Implants provide permanent support for restorations without modifying neighboring teeth. They also help support your jawbone health by keeping the bone stimulated when you bite and chew. With that said, a bridge can be put in position without the need for oral surgery.

Discuss Treatment With A Dental Bridge With Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist

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