You cannot help but notice how much duller your smile looks these days. When you glimpse your teeth in older pictures, you may have a hard time recognizing the bright, white enamel looking back at you. Many people struggle with some discoloration over time – unfortunately, it can be hard to completely avoid products that cause stains to accumulate. With that said, some people can be especially alarmed at the way their appearance has changed. If you are someone who is growing concerned about this problem, talk to your Corona, CA dentist! Through a professional teeth whitening procedure, we can help you deal with stains that are difficult to deal with when using store bought products. We can also offer guidance if we determine that internal issues are affecting the color of your smile.

Teeth Stains Are A Problem For Many Individuals

Many different people will start to grow alarmed at the way dental discoloration is affecting them. Those who regularly use tobacco products, or those who frequently drink or eat products that are dark or rich in color, may find that they are dissatisfied with the loss of their white smile. If you have stains that have gathered and worsened over time, it can be hard to make real changes with store bought treatments. Fortunately, you have two options for teeth whitening provided through your dentist’s office!

Choosing Your Preferred Teeth Whitening Procedure

Should you make plans to visit your dentist for an in-office whitening procedure, or should you address discoloration on your own schedule by taking home one of our professional kits! Both of these options can provide you with the changes that you hoped to enjoy. You can find that the take-home treatment allows you more scheduling flexibility, but the in-office procedure can be ideal if you want results as soon as possible.

Addressing Intrinsic Discoloration

Those who are affected by internal problems within their tooth structure that change their smile color can find that whitening treatments are less effective than they hope for, leading to frustration. Even professional bleaching agents can offer less change than desired. For these problems, we can recommend other cosmetic dental services. You can look into a tooth bonding treatment, or a procedure that relies on porcelain veneers, in order to cover intrinsic discoloration!

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Making Your Smile Whiter!

If you are unhappy with your smile because of discoloration, we can help! We can review the benefits of a whitening treatment, or look into other procedures that can help you if your problems are linked to issues within your tooth structure. To find out more, or to contact one of our other practices closer to you, call us at the following:

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