Teeth stains make many people feel self-conscious about the way they look, as discoloration can make them look older and less healthy. With store bought whitening agents and whitening toothpastes, you can see some improvements, but you may not enjoy the changes you really want to show off. Fortunately, you can turn to your dentist for a more effective treatment option! A professional whitening procedure provided at our Temecula, CA dentist’s office can help you make noticeable changes to the color of your teeth. We can also speak with you about alternative treatments if something other than stains affects the color of your smile.

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Removing Teeth Stains?

Teeth stains can prove to be surprisingly tough to remove if you try to deal with them on your own. Discoloration can build up gradually over time. As their accumulation causes more and more problems for you, it may seem like a good idea to try a store bought whitening procedure. Unfortunately, these can have limited benefits beyond removing stains that are on the surface of your enamel. For a deeper whitening treatment, we can provide a professional treatment.

Scheduling A Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

A professional whitening treatment relies on advanced bleaching gels that can fight stains that have formed and worsened over time. At our practice, we can evaluate your smile to determine how we should approach your cosmetic treatment so that we can deliver desirable changes. At the end of your procedure, your enamel can once again be many shades brighter, making you look younger, healthier, and more attractive.

When Problems Within Your Tooth Structure Dull Your Smile

Not all problems with discoloration occur due to problems with stains. Trouble within your tooth structure can make your smile appear dull and less attractive. When this is an issue, we can discuss options beyond teeth whitening treatment to make sure that you see the right changes. With porcelain veneers, we can cover dull, less attractive teeth and give you a big confidence boost!

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About Treatment To Remove Teeth Stains

Many people have concerns about their appearance because they have accumulated unsightly teeth stains. Instead of living with this discomfort, you can do something about the matter by talking to your Temecula, CA dentist about a whitening treatment! To find out more about this cosmetic procedure, or to discuss treatment at one of our other locations closer to you, please call us at the following:

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