You should make proper smile care a priority. By preventing issues with dental decay and gum disease, you avoid problems that make restorative treatment necessary to prevent potentially serious complications. Of course, not all smile concerns are strictly related to oral health issues. Some people with healthy teeth feel self-conscious because they are uneven, misshapen, or discolored. For these individuals, we can discuss cosmetic dental services. Our Corona, CA dentist’s office can talk you through the benefits of different procedures. What can surprise you is just how much one service can do to improve the way you look, making this a surprisingly convenient treatment experience!

Are You Less Than Comfortable With Your Smile?

Even if your teeth are healthy, it can be hard to feel happy with your smile due to conspicuous flaws. Poor spacing between teeth, damage to your enamel, problems with discoloration, and more can leave you with doubts about the way you look. While these issues may not require restorative dental work, you can be motivated to learn your treatment options. By asking about cosmetic dentistry, you can find that the right procedure is capable of producing significant changes with less time and effort than you realize.

What Treatment Options Are Available To Me?

We provide different services, so we can respond to different concerns from patients who want to change the way they look. Those who are focused on brightening their teeth by removing stains can find that teeth whitening treatment is right for them. If your discoloration is caused by something other than stains, or if you have other changes you want to make, we can look into alternative treatment options. Both porcelain veneers and tooth bonding and contouring services can cover up flaws by making conservative changes to your tooth structure. Bonding and contouring services can actually do this without permanent restorations, making this a surprisingly convenient treatment option. With that said, porcelain veneers provide a different advantage. The porcelain material used to construct them is more durable, making it easier for you to preserve your esthetic changes.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Cosmetic Treatment

Through the right cosmetic dental procedure, you can see exciting – and long-lasting – changes to your smile that you cannot wait to share with the world. If you have more questions about our cosmetic services, or if you want to discuss treatment at one of our locations that might be closer to you, please reach out at the following:

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