Cavity treatment should be a priority even if decay is caught early. When you put off restorative work, your tooth experiences more damage, which can eventually affect how your treatment proceeds. In time, decay can expose you to a painful infection that requires root canal therapy. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can perform this procedure if necessary. We can also take care of the tooth by providing a permanent dental crown that will keep it safe. We have experience helping individuals with serious oral health concerns, including those who need to deal with multiple cavities.

How Concerned Should You Be About Your Cavity?

Any cavity is a cause for concern. Once one forms, your tooth will be left with permanent damage. As the cavity grows, more of your enamel is permanently lost. While even a recently formed cavity should be treated promptly, it can be especially important to deal with advanced dental decay. A severe cavity can cause an infection that leaves you in pain, and it also makes you vulnerable to the further spread of bacteria. Through root canal therapy, we can take care of this problem so that it is no longer a threat.

Arranging Root Canal Therapy To Restore An Infected Tooth

Root canal therapy puts a stop to severe decay, which can bring welcome relief and prevent concerns about oral health complications. The procedure carefully removes bacteria and unhealthy tissues within your pulp, the central chamber of your tooth. Sealing this area after treatment will keep you safe against further problems. You will need protection for your tooth after this work is completed. To provide it, we can supply a custom dental crown that covers the tooth above your gum line.

What Can I Do If I Need Treatment For Several Cavities?

If you need help because you have several cavities, we can work with you on a plan that addresses all of these issues. We can focus on the most severe issues with decay first, then take action against smaller cavities. Because we use crowns and fillings that imitate healthy enamel, we can provide this care without changing your appearance!

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Treating Your Cavity

Cavity treatment puts a stop to a problem that will worsen over time. If necessary, our Riverside, CA dentist’s office will treat decay via root canal therapy. To find out more, or to reach one of our other offices, please call us at the following:

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