A cavity or dental injury can cause significant trouble for your oral health. There are times when decay will leave your tooth in a vulnerable state that a filling cannot address, as well as times when dental injuries will demand more than cosmetic services. In these situations, our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can provide custom dental crowns that provide cosmetic and functional support. Our practice can craft a crown to fit over your tooth, and we can even ensure that it matches your enamel in order to preserve your smile! When necessary, we can restore back teeth that need more bite support with harder materials, such as metal.

Is Your Tooth In Need Of A Crown’s Support?

A dental crown will be needed when you have a cavity that is too severe for a dental filling, or when physical damage affects your oral health. Your dentist can let you know that this is necessary after an evaluation. One way to lower your risk for problems that require this kind of treatment is to promptly seek care when something is wrong. This reduces your risk for complications that worsen a tooth’s health.

Receiving A Custom Restoration

Your dentist will determine if you need a crown, and what type of crown to place, after evaluating your tooth. We take careful measurements and do preparatory work to ensure that your restoration fits comfortably and does not interfere with neighboring teeth. When yours is placed, you should feel that you can trust it to absorb bite pressure. This is important, as an unresolved issue with an uneven bite can lead to worsening problems with jaw pain as well as difficulties for other teeth.

How Can I Avoid Similar Dental Problems In The Future?

Physical injuries can happen without warning, but dental decay is something you can prevent with good daily habits as well as regular dental exams. Make sure you see your dentist every six months to receive feedback about the state of your oral health. If something is wrong, we can take care of you by providing a dental filling for decay before the problem is serious enough to cause complications.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Treatment With A Dental Crown

You can receive a custom dental crown at our practice that will preserve your smile and oral health. If you would like to find out more about this or another service we offer—or if you would like to reach out to one of our other locations—contact us at the following:

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