The way your teeth are spaced can hurt the way you look. What you might not realize is that your trouble with malocclusion can also interfere with your bite function and efforts at maintaining good oral hygiene. The good news is that this is a fixable issue, one that may not require metal braces. Instead, you can talk to your Corona, CA dentist about Invisalign treatment! Through the use of a series of clear aligners, we can gradually move your teeth so that they are properly positioned. In addition to making treatment discreet, Invisalign aligners let patients rely on appliances that they can remove at their convenience.

Is Poor Teeth Spacing A Problem For Your Smile?

Problems with poor teeth spacing can be a problem that affects someone from a young age, but some patients will experience some shifting later in life. Misaligned teeth can leave unflattering gaps that others can see, or they can cause awkward, uncomfortable overlaps that are more difficult to keep clean. The good news is that many people can correct these spacing issues with clear aligners instead of metal braces. Invisalign can be beneficial to many, particularly those individuals who want orthodontic work but have concerns about how metal braces will affect their appearance and quality of life.

Starting Treatment With Invisalign Aligners

Your Invisalign aligners will be removable, which means you can take them out and put them in whenever you wish. While keeping them in place will help you finish your treatment on time, you can remove them at times when you want to eat or clean your teeth. The procedure relies on a series of aligners, each one bringing you a step closer to your ideal smile.

Discussing Other Cosmetic Services With Your Dentist

For minor spacing flaws, we may be able to help with a different cosmetic dental procedure. By covering gaps and overlaps through the placement of veneers, we can deliver the results you hope to see in less time. We can also take care of other issues that you have, such as a concern about dental discoloration, or a problem with visible enamel damage.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Invisalign Treatment

If you have concerns about teeth spacing, you should know that you can rely on more than just traditional metal braces to address the matter. With Invisalign aligners, you can gradually move teeth in place discreetly, and with fewer concerns about an appliance interfering with your daily life. If you would like to learn more, or if you are interested in reaching one of our other locations, please call us at the following:

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