We certainly hope that when it comes to smile care, your goal is to completely avoid trouble with tooth decay. Good daily habits and regular dental exams can make this easier. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there who still struggle with dental problems despite having access to professional dental care. If you find yourself in need of a dental filling, our Corona, CA dentist’s office can help. Once decayed tissues are removed, we can restore your smile by placing a composite resin filling that will avoid the detection of others.

Cavities Permanently Damage Our Teeth When They Form

Even if you have a problem with decay that is caught early, you still have to worry about the permanent damage to your enamel. After a cavity forms, your tooth becomes vulnerable to bacteria and a potential infection. Fortunately, this can be caught and treated while decay is still a minor matter. With a dental filling, we can discreetly take care of your tooth by covering the damaged area with a lifelike material that actually bonds to your enamel.

Receiving A Custom Dental Filling

Custom dental fillings are made with a composite material that will imitate your healthy enamel. The substance is effective for treating patients for more than just this reason, however. The substance also bonds to your surrounding enamel, something that keeps it in place and also protects against a new infection. After that bonding process is complete, you can enjoy better bite support, and you will not have to worry about treatment altering your smile.

What If I Need More Than A Filling As Part Of Treatment?

Unfortunately, some patients do arrive too late to receive a dental filling. In this situation, we can still use a dental crown to keep the tooth safe and secure. This will be the case if we have to perform root canal therapy to deal with an infection that has formed because of decay.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Receiving A Dental Filling

When a patient has a problem with a cavity, our Corona, CA dentist’s office will take the matter seriously. In addition to dealing with the decay itself, we will provide a custom restoration that provides protection and preserves the person’s appearance. To find out how fillings and crowns protect teeth, or to set up an appointment with one of our other locations, please call us at the following:

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