If you have problems with a severe cavity, it will be necessary to perform a root canal to address problems within your tooth. This will provide important protection, as advanced decay will lead to the accumulation of bacteria within your pulp. If this is not dealt with in time, bacteria can continue to spread, and your tooth’s health can deteriorate so much that it has to be replaced! At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we will help you take care of this problem when it arises. In addition to restoring the health of your tooth through endodontic treatment, we can provide a custom dental crown to offer permanent protection.

Is Your Cavity Serious Enough To Require A Root Canal?

There is not always a need to perform root canal therapy. If the problem is caught in time, you can have your health restored with a dental filling. This is the more conservative option, one that only affects a small portion of your tooth structure. However, it is not something we can always recommend. As a cavity continues to spread, it will do increasing damage to your enamel, and eventually the bacteria that gather in your pulp can cause a painful infection! At this point, endodontic treatment to address problems within the tooth structure will be needed.

Addressing Potentially Serious Problems With Tooth Decay

An advanced cavity can be hard to miss. You can experience pain and sensitivity, experience pain in your tooth, and even see problems with swelling and discoloration occur. After confirming that it will be a necessary procedure, we can perform root canal therapy. During this process, your dentist will carefully remove infected tissues and bacteria to stop discomfort, then seal the pulp to keep it safe. After this work is done, you will need a dental crown to keep your tooth safe and secure.

Avoiding Severe Decay In The Future

Severe dental decay is certainly something you want to avoid. Good habits at home will be important, but make sure that you also take the time to see your dentist for a regular checkup every six months. In this time, you can enjoy early warnings about problems that arise, and you can enjoy cleanings and reviews that make problems easier to avoid in the future.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist If You Need A Root Canal

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