There are steps you should take each day to protect yourself against oral health issues. Brushing, flossing, and taking care of your teeth with your diet choices will help you avoid difficulties, but you should not rely on these actions alone. You should also take advantage of the preventive services that are offered during routine oral health exams and cleanings. At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we provide beneficial services to patients who see us for routine treatments. We can also step in to provide restorative services when you have issues with your smile that require direct care.

Are You Overdue For A Dental Exam?

If you are past due for routine dental services, you can have a greater risk for dental problems than you realize. Problems with tartar buildup make you more vulnerable to cavities as well as problems with your periodontal health. If you already have a cavity that needs to be treated, you could wind up with a more advanced cavity that requires more involved support. Unless you are told to do something different by your dentist, you should make a point of scheduling preventive care every six months.

Scheduling Preventive Services That Include Reviews And Teeth Cleanings

Through your regular teeth cleanings and evaluations, you receive important protection against the kinds of issues that would later require restorative dental treatment. By having your teeth cleaned, you stay protected against the buildup of tartar that can lead to unwelcome consequences in time. Those consequences include embarrassing deposits that make your smile less attractive, trouble with gum disease, and dental decay. During a review, your dentist can let you know if any existing problems are going to require additional work.

Make Sure You Do Your Part To Protect Your Smile

If you want to make sure your smile is healthy at your next review, make sure you protect your smile by carefully cleaning your teeth each day. The appropriate care means brushing at least twice and flossing once a day. It also means making diet choices that lower your exposure to sugar and other harmful agents.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Preventive Services

Through consistent preventive dental services, patients can have an easier time preventing cavities and gum disease from affecting them. We can meet with you to discuss the current state of your smile, and we can provide guidance so that you can keep up with good habits between your appointments. To find out more about how we can take care of you, or to reach one of our other locations closer to you, call us at the following:

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