If you have a problem with a toothache, or if your dentist points out a problem with a cavity at a routine dental visit, you can proceed with restorative dental work and have the matter resolved. While this can feel straightforward enough, you may feel less certain about what should occur if you have problems with several teeth. This can lead to questions about what issues should be prioritized, and how many appointments you might need to schedule to address all of these problems. Your Temecula, CA dentist is ready to help you take on these challenges, and can help make this experience easier for you. Through a full mouth reconstruction plan, we can see to it that all of the issues that currently affect you are completely resolved!

Are You Concerned About The State Of Your Smile?

If you have taken a break from regular dental checkups, you may find that you have several problems with your oral health that will have to be addressed when you return. Cavities that form will have to be addressed through restorative dental work. During an evaluation, we can also look out for other issues, such as dental damage, which can negatively impact your appearance as well as your oral health. Once you return to the dentist’s chair to start discussing treatment, you can work out plans to deal with all of these concerns, and even more advanced issues like tooth loss!

Planning A Full Mouth Reconstruction

The details of your full mouth reconstruction will depend on what state your smile is in. After a careful review, we can point out the different concerns that we have about your well-being. In working out what services you might require, we can determine what issues should be made priorities, and tend to those before we work on less pressing issues. We can also work with you on making sure that your planned services will fit your schedule and needs.

Keeping Up With Preventive Care To Avoid Future Difficulties

After you complete a full mouth reconstruction plan, you should take care to follow up your procedures with regular dental exams and cleanings. By doing so, you can avoid complications from new problems that might arise. Unless your dentist identifies a reason for you to do otherwise, you should schedule a new appointment every six months.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About Full Mouth Reconstruction

Through your full mouth reconstruction plan, we can take on a range of issues that currently stand between you and your healthiest smile! If you would like to know more, or if you are interested in reaching one of our other locations, call us at the following:

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