There are different concerns about your smile that you can readily bring to your dentist’s attention. However, there are times when you may assume that an oral health issue needs to be brought up elsewhere. One of those issues is poor smile alignment, or malocclusion, which refers to any issues with poor teeth spacing. Our Corona, CA dentist’s office can actually help you with this; rather than look for an orthodontic specialist, you can enjoy quality care with a dental office you already rely on for routine services. We offer care with traditional braces as well as alternative appliances like Invisalign. We should note that there are times when this kind of work is not needed, as it will be possible to hide gaps or overlaps through cosmetic dental services.

Reasons To Worry About Poor Smile Alignment

There are different reasons to say something about your concerns over poor smile alignment. One is that by talking about your interest in treatment, you can learn about treatment options that are ready to provide real results. Another is that through corrective work, you can actually improve your oral health as well as your appearance. Because people can have different degrees of malocclusion that need to be tended to, there are different approaches to care that can be recommended. While some individuals will benefit from work with metal braces, others can proceed with a more discreet option, like Invisalign, or even move forward with cosmetic dental work!

Using Different Orthodontic Appliances

Through the use of personalized orthodontic appliances, we can help patients who wish to do something about crooked teeth. Over time, your appliance will gradually make corrections so that gaps, overlaps, and other problems no longer make a patient feel self-conscious. Because your options include work with Invisalign, you can enjoy a procedure that offers lasting solutions for malocclusion without drawing unwanted attention.

Planning Cosmetic Work To Hide Spacing Flaws

Relatively minor issues with spacing like gaps and overlaps between teeth can sometimes be addressed through cosmetic dentistry. The benefit to this is that we can proceed with care that is completed in a shorter time, which means you are ready to show off a better smile sooner. One option for hiding spacing issues is treatment with porcelain veneers, which can also help with discoloration, dental damage, and more.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Straightening Your Crooked Smile

The right service is capable of giving you exciting changes to your appearance. In addition to offering orthodontic treatments, we can discuss cosmetic services that hide gaps and overlaps. To find out more about how we can help you, please reach out to one of our practices at the following:

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