How much are you doing for your smile on a daily basis? If you protect yourself with a consistent brushing and flossing routine, you can avoid trouble with plaque and tartar buildup, which will lower your risk for problems that require restorative dental work. As important as it is to feel comfortable with your daily efforts, you should take care to protect yourself with professional dental cleanings. These cleanings take place as part of your regular reviews with your Corona, CA dentist. We can provide ongoing support so that you are less likely to have problems with dental decay, gum disease, and more!

How Professional Teeth Cleanings Differ From Daily Care

You protect your smile with your regular brushing and flossing sessions, but there are limits to what you can do on your own to protect yourself against oral health problems. One issue is that when you already have tartar buildup on your teeth, you remain vulnerable to problems with decay and gum disease because these deposits are not removed through daily care alone. Your hygienist will remove these materials during your next professional cleaning. We should note that when a patient has issues with gum disease, we can recommend a different kind of cleaning, one that will target the bacteria that reside under your gumline.

Arranging A Routine Preventive Appointment

At every routine dental checkup, your dentist and your hygienist will provide care to protect your teeth and gums. Reviews with your dentist can lead to the discovery of problems like decay and gum disease as well as problems like TMJ disorder, which can disrupt your quality of life. When your hygienist cares for your teeth, they will remove any plaque and tartar buildup that might be present on your smile. This removal can ensure that you are not vulnerable to problems that can occur between your last appointment and the next.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Scheduling Your Next Teeth Cleaning!

A professional teeth cleaning has an important role to play in preserving your healthy smile. The longer you go putting off your next professional appointment, the more vulnerable you can be to different problems with your oral health. Our practice is happy to help everyone in your household keep up with their smile care. If you would like to learn more or set up an appointment, you can reach out to any of our locations near you at the following:

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