How much time and effort should you put into taking care of your smile? If you want to avoid problems like dental decay and gum disease, you should depend on both good daily practices and regular trips to your dentist’s office for reviews and professional cleanings. This combination of home care and professional efforts make it easier for you to avoid trouble over time. Our Corona, CA dentist’s office can assist you in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Of course, because your routine visits include reviews as well as cleanings, you can learn about any problems you do have, and you can have them treated before there are complications that have to be managed.

The Importance Of Consistent Preventive Dental Care

Good oral hygiene habits and regular dental appointments help you avoid the kinds of problems that hurt your smile and quality of life. It is important that you take both parts of good hygiene seriously. If you are not putting the right time and effort into cleaning your teeth at home, you are more likely to have problems with tartar formations, gum disease, and dental decay that will have to be addressed during your dental visits. If you put time and effort into caring for your smile at home but are not consistent with your routine appointments, problems that do develop are more likely to have the necessary time to progress and create more serious issues for you.

Caring For Your Smile At Home

Between your routine dental checkups, stay committed to a good oral hygiene routine, one that counts on support from both brushing and flossing. When you floss, you remove bacteria and food particles that are difficult to reach due to the lack of space between teeth. Once a day, take a floss string and use a vertical motion to clean between these areas to reduce your risk for problems. You should also brush two times a day, with care taken to remove bacteria and remnants of meals and snacks that can gather in harder to reach areas, such as in the spaces between cusps.

How Dental Cleanings And Exams Preserve Your Oral Health

Every dental cleaning removes tartar as well as plaque. The removal of tartar can be particularly beneficial as a means of fighting harmful materials that you cannot remove through brushing alone. Excess accumulation of this material can hurt your confidence in your smile, and it can make you more likely to need restorative dental work in the future.

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