If you try to simply ignore tooth pain and sensitivity and go about your daily routine, you can let the symptoms of a potentially serious oral health problem go unnoticed and unaddressed. The longer you continue to disregard discomfort, the more likely it is that the problem will worsen, leading to new complications and more serious trouble for your oral health! Persistent or serious pain in the tooth can be a warning that you have an advanced cavity or internal problems from an injury. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can address this kind of trouble through root canal treatment. In addition to stopping further discomfort, this resolves a problem within the tooth structure before it can progress further and lead to issues with a spreading infection or tooth loss.

Is Tooth Pain A Growing Concern For You?

A brief period of dental discomfort can happen even when your smile is healthy. If you experience a persistent discomfort, or if you have trouble with significant tooth pain, it can be a warning that something serious needs to be addressed. That aching or sensitive feeling could be a warning that a serious cavity has formed, or a warning that a physical injury created problems within the tooth structure. In order to address these issues, we can provide a root canal. While people are sometimes uneasy about root canal treatment, you should know that it can effectively stop your discomfort and it can prevent further issues from putting your smile and oral health in jeopardy!

How A Root Canal Resolves Problems With Dental Discomfort

Root canal therapy makes it possible for your dentist to access and tend to problems that affect a tooth’s internal well-being. By accessing the pulp, the central chamber where living nerves and blood vessels are contained, we can remove bacteria and unhealthy tissues to stop the spread of an infection and resolve a problem that causes you pain. After doing this, we can provide protection from a dental crown to ensure that the tooth remains safe.

Keeping A Tooth Safe After Your Root Canal

Dental crowns are important to restorative treatment, as they care for teeth that require more support than dental fillings offer. After a root canal, this kind of restoration provides full coverage so that you have no concerns over biting and chewing food, and it can prevent a new infection from developing.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Root Canal Therapy

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