Simply put, our practice works to help patients preserve healthy, happy smiles while attempting to minimize any changes to their tooth structure. Through consistent preventive care, we can keep you from experiencing the kinds of problems that require the placement of dental fillings and dental crowns. If you do find yourself in need of help because of a cavity, we will look for the most conservative treatment approach that we can count on to protect you. In some cases, treatment will require a root canal procedure. By providing this service, we address problems within the tooth structure that arise when bacteria make their way into your pulp. Our Moreno Valley, CA dental practice can provide this and other advanced services when necessary for supporting our patients’ oral health needs.

Is Your Tooth In Need Of Root Canal Therapy?

It is not always necessary to make root canal treatment part of restorative dental work. If you have a problem with a cavity discovered in time, it can be treated before this service is required. Unfortunately, once decay does enough harm to your enamel, you become vulnerable to the movement of bacteria into the pulp, the central chamber of the tooth, which can cause an uncomfortable and alarming infection. At this point, a root canal will have to take place in order to stop harmful microbes from spreading further and pushing your tooth past the point where it can be saved.

Arranging Treatment To Address Endodontic Problems

Endodontic issues are issues that affect the inner structure of our teeth. In addition to severe cavities, dental injuries can be responsible for these problems. A root canal procedure removes unhealthy bacteria and damaged tissues, which stops the spread of an infection from causing any further issues. Once this work is complete, we can seal your pulp and prepare your tooth to have a crown put in place.

Protecting Teeth After They Are Restored

With a custom dental crown, we can make sure that your tooth is safe and secure after we perform restorative treatment. This kind of restoration provides advanced support; while fillings and partial crowns only cover portions of your tooth, full crowns completely surround them. We can recommend a crown made to match the look of your healthy enamel if your treatment affects a tooth that is visible when you speak and smile.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Scheduling A Root Canal

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