If you have to undergo restorative dental work for a problem with decay or an injury, you can be understandably curious to find out what sort of care will have to take place. How involved will the process of caring for your smile be, and how much will treatment ultimately affect your tooth? At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we can look for the most conservative solution to trouble with your oral health. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to properly care for a tooth is to access its pulp, its central chamber, to deal with bacteria and infected tissues. This is what is done during a root canal treatment. The good news is that by performing this service, we can stop an infection from growing more severe and putting you at risk for losing your tooth!

Why Do I Need A Root Canal As Part Of My Cavity Treatment?

Not everyone who has a problem with a cavity needs a root canal. In some cases, we can simply clear away the infected portion of your enamel before sealing the area with a dental filling. What changes our approach to care is the amount of harm done by decay. When bacteria are able to make their way into your pulp by wearing through your enamel, it becomes necessary for you to undergo a more involved treatment. The good news is that your root canal can ensure that a problem is fully resolved, and it can ensure that there are no more issues with discomfort that affect how their tooth feels.

How Will A Root Canal Affect My Tooth?

To perform a root canal, your dentist needs to access your pulp, which is at the center of the tooth. This will lead to permanent changes to the structure, something that we will have to address through the placement of a dental crown. Fortunately, that crown can effectively take on problems with your appearance as well as your bite function. Once it is in place, you can appreciate how your smile and bite function are effectively the same as before treatment.

What Can I Do To Avoid Future Root Canals?

By keeping up with regular dental checkups, sticking to a good smile care routine at home, and maintaining a smart diet, you lower your risk for cavities. Dental checkups can ensure that if a cavity does form, it will be found and treated before you experience the sort of complications that can make more advanced services necessary.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Root Canal Therapy

Through root canal therapy, we can put a stop to problems with your cavity when those problems are serious enough to cause an infection. For more information on how we can help you, contact any of our offices at the following:

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